Our Projects (Hydropower & Irrigation)

Funding / Partner Agency
Executing Agency
1 Afghanistan Asian Development Bank MEW TA-9273 AFG: Preparing the Arghandab Integrated Water Resources Development Investment Project (formerly: Preparing the Helmand Basin Project) (48096-001), (Feasibility Study and Basic (Conceptual) Design for Dahla Dam Raising). Completed 2017-2018
2 Afghanistan Asian Development Bank MAIL The Implementation of Participatory Irrigation Management Capacity Development Program Including Establishing and Strengthening Irrigation Associations and Water User Associations in Kunduz and Takhar Provinces. (MAIL/ADB/WRDIP-2/NGO) On Going 2019 - 2022
3 Afghanistan Government of Afghanistan MEW Consultancy Services for detail design of Machalgho Multipurpose Dam project. (MEW/CS001-97/SS) On Going 2018 - 2019

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